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High Tension/Extra-high Texsion Enclosed Switchboard

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High Tension/Extra-high Texsion Enclosed Switchboard

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High Tension/Extra-high Tension Enclosed Switchboard

High Tension/Extra-high Tension Enclosed Switchboard is a switchboard that emphasize ability, trustability, stability by installing VCB that have excellent interception on inside, is used extensively for installment electric power company's generating & transformation facility, industrial plant, building, general plant, city water & sewage treatment plant, etc.


Minimize installation area by reasonable design
- Because it is structure that can load 2~3 column, can take advantage of transformer room area efficiently
- Design & production with reasonable equipment arrangement and various monitoring devices
- Various products to meet customer needs

High reliability/safety
- F2/G type, such as a closed unit, so they are isolated, the arc accident car effectively prevents the diffusion from the inside.
- Mechanical locking device (interlock) is prepared to prevent mis-operation
- Through the degradation alarms device (partial discharge monitoring system) prepared the failure prediction system

Easy Maintenance and Inspection
- Can check the breaker contact wear status in driving position fron of the breaker.


Standard single-line diagram

24kV grade wsitchboard
According to contact capacity, Electricity receiving method is divided into standard and simple system.
The seitchboard is mainly used in 10,000kW below like a normal building or apartment. (However, if you available a private line, the Electricity receiving is possible to 14,000kW)

15kV grade switchboard
Mainly used for internal power supply from 154kV substation associated with large plant or large apartment complex

7.2kV grade switchboard
In case of large capacity electricity receiving method, using the transformation whithin the substation or mainly large pumping stations, and more.


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